Hair-raising scary is an understatement.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 10, 2018

This isn't your average Victorian mansion tour, gals and ghouls. Welcome to The Mortuary, an incredibly spooky haunted house on Canal Street in New Orleans. Built in 1872, the home served as a real-life mortuary for around 80 years. Now, lovers of eerie attractions flock to the property year-round for a variety of offerings.

First, it serves as a special events venue, known as Mystère Mansion. Then, it lives another life as a setting for participatory escape games, the Mystère Escape Rooms. Finally, and perhaps most famously, it's the Mortuary Haunted Mansion during the Halloween season. If you think you can make it through the house without shivers cascading down your spine— think again. This former funeral home features live snakes, bats, rats, roaches, spiders, and other creatures, and you may even see a real ghost or two.

Yes, that's right. The Mortuary is an apparent hot-spot for paranormal activity, and it's known all over the world for being haunted. As Only In Your State reports, "The Mortuary has been verified as being haunted by dozens of paranormal investigators around the globe. Surrounded by the famous 'Cities of the Dead,' and given its history as a mortuary, it should come as no surprise that there may still be a few lingering spirits. A woman in white has often been seen at the top floor, crying out for her husband. Two prankster child ghosts have been reported to play tricks on unsuspecting visitors. Countless footsteps and disembodied whispers have been hears when the building as empty." Yikes!

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If you think you can handle touring the sinister digs on an upcoming visit to New Orleans, you can buy tickets or a "Frequent Fear Season Pass" here.