Is this part of your daily routine?
Morning Sunrise Flowers
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Want to be more productive? Step away from the computer. Yes, really.

Business Insider recently published a story on nine things productive people do before noon, and not a single one had to do with sitting at your desk (okay, one tip was to check up on industry news, but seeing as you can do that from a smartphone or tablet, we'll let that slide).

From all of the advice, one suggestion planted itself most firmly in our minds, as it's perfectly suited to our Southern way of life: Soaking up nature. Even though it may seem counterproductive to boost your productivity by leaving your desk or office to go outside, it can be a real boon for your workload, and even mental state and overall health.

"I'm up around 5:45 to let the chickens out, then I grab the tennis ball and head out into the morning air to walk the dog," Chris Heayns, managing director and founder of Mill Meadow, an eco-lodge resort in England, said in the piece. "The walk in the open countryside (rain or shine) can always clear away any brain haze."

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While letting the chickens out at the crack of dawn may not be realistic for all, here are a few simple ideas to get some fresh air every morning.

1. Head to your garden.

Whether you go there to catch up on weeding or keep your eyes peeled for birds and butterflies, it's a lovely way to carve out some me-time in the AM. Bonus points if you play a morning meditation track while you're out there.

2. Walk to get your morning coffee.

Crush two birds with one stone by fitting in some aerobic activity and enjoying the morning air while you venture out for your cup of joe, or even breakfast.

3. Grab your dog, a friend, or a family member and head to the park.

What better way to start the day than a stroll through a local park. Challenge yourself to visit a new park in your area every month — you'll get to discover new spots in your area and may even make some new friends.