A mashup of two of our favorite things.

Hallmark Monopoly
Credit: Hallmark.com

Do you remember the magic of sitting on your living room floor, for hours on end, playing Monopoly? Well, we've got an excellent excuse to harken back to your childhood adoration of the classic board game. Three words: Hallmark Channel Monopoly.

Available on October 25th, the themed Monopoly is perfect for a loved one as a holiday gift or as a present for your own Hallmark-obsessed household, as SimpleMost pointed out in a recent article. Ideal for those who are both fans of the television network and the beloved game, you can order the set for $39.99 on Hallmark.com here. Here's how the incredible ediiton is described on Hallmark's website: "Take a break from binge watching the Hallmark Channel while still enjoying everything you love about it with this twist on the classic Monopoly game. Everything from the seasonal board to the collectible tokens are Hallmark-themed. So whether you're buying a Christmas tree farm or a bed & breakfast, you'll experience all the thrills of the beloved board game in a Hallmark kind of way." Ready for game night? Us too.

Intended for ages eight and older, the game works with two to six players and the set comes with the gameboard, six collectible tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 Home cards, 16 Family cards, two dice, 32 cottages, 32 inns, a pack of custom Hallmark Channel money, and the game rules.

Hallmark Monopoly 2
Credit: Hallmark.com

Well, we're certainly more excited than ever to pass go, collect $200, and cue up some Hallmark Chirstmas movies for when the champion has claimed his or her title.

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We'll see you on the living room floor, friends.

May the Countdown to Christmas board game time begin.