Attention, Mamas: It's Time to Take a "Momcation"

In Search Of: Hotels with ridiculously comfortable robes.

Call in your better half for backup and/or book the babysitter. Text your friends. Plot your course. It's time to plan your inaugural momcation—we hope the first of many fun annual getaways with fellow moms in need of a vacation.

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While girlfriend getaways have been a wonderful bonding tradition we've long advocated, the trend of moms-specific vacations is gaining momentum. These days, a quick perusal on social media of "#momcation" will reveal a slew of posts of mamas gathering together for some quality time, whether in San Diego or Disney World (hey, moms love Splash Mountain, too). Now, hotels and resorts are catching onto the craze, and even offering their own packages catered towards groups of moms looking for some R&R. As Arielle Tschinkel writes in a story on momcations for Apartment Therapy, "...the Archer Hotel, a boutique chain with locations in Austin, Burlington [Massachusetts], Florham Park [New Jersey], Napa, New York, and Redmond [Washington] offers a momcation package at many of their locations, with prices as low as $144 a night (at the Florham Park location) offering a free bottle of wine or sparkling water and a $10 amenity credit." (We're hoping these spots offer a similar "dadcation" package with beer.)

As parents, it's easy to use up all your vacation days or keep downtime reserved for a family expedition. Obviously, that's all wildly important and magical, too, but we hear spending time with some fellow parents who understand your highs and lows is equally good for the soul.

We'd love to hear if you've ever been on a momcation before. If so, where did you go and what did you do? If you're a mom and you're yet to embark on one, what would be your top pick?

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