We'll never look at an oven the same way again!

Mom Squeaky Oven Dance
Credit: TikTok/amystephens925

You know what they say, one mom's squeaky oven door is another mom's sick beat.

At least that's the case for one creative mama from Florida whose "squeaky oven dance" catapulted her to Internet stardom this week.

Amy Stephens explained to Fox how her daughters, 19-year-old Haley and 16-year-old Kasey, noticed that the door on the family's oven made a squeaking sound similar to the notes in the opening of Usher's 2004 hit song "Yeah."

She said it was Kasey's idea to record her breaking out into a dance, using the oven squeaks as the song's intro. Similar videos using the squeaks of home appliances are popular on the social media app TikTok.

"She said just do your thing when the beat drops and that's what I did," Amy recalled to Fox.

And do her thing she did.

Amy's TikTok video, which included a hilariously mortified Haley, went viral in a flash and quickly spread to Twitter and Facebook. Amy told Fox that it has been watched more than 65 million times across various social media platforms.

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Now that's what we call mom goals!