The 50-year streak has finally been broken.
Dara Crouch Gives Birth to Son

Dara Crouch was confident that she was having a baby girl. After all, no one in her family had given birth to a boy in 50 years. She was not expecting to break such a longstanding family tradition and had decided not to bother finding out the baby's gender. It was going to be a girl.

While most mothers-to-be are prepared for a few surprises in the delivery room, Crouch is no stranger to the delivery room. Not only was she already a mother to her three-year old daughter Neyland, but she was a labor and delivery nurse by trade and was giving birth at the hospital where she worked. She was expecting an ordinary birth to a baby girl. Four hours of labor later, the 29-year old Columbus, Georgia mom got a big surprise. She had broken a five decades-long family streak and given birth to a baby boy.

To say Crouch was completely shocked when she gave birth to a son is an understatement—and there are photos that prove it.

Crouch and her husband, Eric, had invited photographer and family friend Neely Ker-Fox into the delivery room to document the birth. Ker-Fox captured the pure bewilderment, wonder, and utter surprise on Crouch's face at the news that she had a son. Ker-Fox told that she remembered Crouch overflowing with excitement at the news: "Oh my gosh! It's a boy; I can't believe it's a boy!"

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Austin, Texas-based nonprofit Birth Without Fear shared Ker-Fox's photos on Facebook and Instagram and they started to go viral, because it's hard not to smile when looking at Crouch's shocked face. It just goes to show that some of the best things in life can be our biggest surprises.