Tara Foley wore her wedding gown in the secret photo shoot with her grandmother, who died before Foley's wedding day.

Texas Bride Portrait Reveal
Credit: Misty McLendon Photography

We're letting you know now: This one is going to really tug at your heartstrings.

When Texas bride-to-be Tara Foley found out that her 102-year-old grandmother, Stasia, wouldn't be able to fly to her wedding, she decided to bring the party to grandma.

As KSAT ABC 12 reported, Foley took a flight out to visit her grandma for a secret photo shoot, during which Foley donned her wedding gown so Stasia could be part of Foley's wedding festivities in spirit. Sadly, Stasia died before the wedding. Then, on Foley's big day this June, she surprised her family with a framed portrait from their photo shoot.

Photographer Misty McLendon was there to capture the amazing reveal as Foley's family saw the picture of Stasia and her granddaughter for the first time.

We told you this wedding day tale was a real tear-jerker and what an incredible moment for grandmother and granddaughter to share.

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On that note, back to happy puppy photos we go.