Everyone go home and thank your wives for nagging!  

Persistence pays. And for some, it can pay $2.4 million. A Jackson County couple was on their way home when the wife insisted that her husband stop to buy a lottery ticket. 

"My wife forced me to pull over and buy a lottery ticket because I was wanting to get home and watch the football game," her husband told Missouri Lottery officials. "So I pulled over and bought the lottery ticket out of frustration."

Missouri powerball lottery ticket
Credit: Getty Images: Kansas City Star / Contributor

The couple stopped at Casey's General Store in Grain Valley, Missouri, and purchased a Quick Pick ticket, which means a computer generated the six numbers that ended up landing them the jackpot. After matching all six numbers in the Oct. 23 drawing, the couple became the sole winners of the $2.4 million prize. 

What are the odds? 1 in 3,529,526, according to lottery officials. The names of the lucky winners have not been released, but we can bet this is one "I told you so" moment that will live on for years to come!