Why blend in when you could stand out?

Crazy Prom Tuxes
Credit: Twitter @nick_louvier1

Most high school students want their prom to be a night to remember and a group of Mississippi seniors made sure of it with a gag involving some good friends clad in some eye-popping ensembles.

Ten teens from Saint Joseph Catholic School in Madison, Mississippi hit their prom in show-stopping suits in jaw-dropping patterns. These weren't carefully tailored Ralph Lauren tuxes, but head-to-toe laugh-inducing gems, like the boy whose suit was out of the world thanks to a planetary theme. Another boy wore head-to-toe leopard print, a third showed off his patriotism in a stars-and-stripes number, while another got ready for a Florida vacation with a suit covered in flamingoes and palm trees.

"We wanted to do something that people would remember,'' senior Nick Louvier told TODAY. "Everyone was coming up to us shaking our hands and telling us how good we looked."

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Separately the suits were funny, but taken as a group they were truly astounding with boys wearing shamrocks lining up next to flowers, dollar bills, and suits full of stars for that left your eyes sore and your belly aching from laughing. The smash hit of the night, though, was senior Taylor Lyle. He is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and opted to wear a suit that declared his love for the team complete with yellow trousers and a jacket emblazoned with the green-and-yellow Packers' logo. The outfit was such a brilliant display of fandom that the Green Bay Packers took to Twitter to assure him that he had won their vote for prom king. After this memorable stunt, let's hope they bend the rules and let all the boys be prom king.