Mystery Donor Sends Flowers to North Carolina Hospital Every Monday for 12 Years and Counting

The flowers are "to be given to the patient on the [oncology] floor who could use some cheering up the most."

Pink and orange Ranunculus flowers bouquet
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Bright, beautiful, colorful flowers, can often lift your mood. But the sentiment behind a special flower delivery can often do even more to raise your spirits.

At Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, the sentiment behind the regular flower delivery to the oncology unit is one of the most moving we've heard. Every Monday, an anonymous donor sends a bouquet of flowers to be given to “the patient on the floor who could use some cheering up the most.”

As we heard via Tank's Good News, this thoughtful weekly flower delivery has been going on for 12 years and counting. A recent Facebook post from Mission Hospital staffer Alivia Cozzarelli brought the sweet gesture to the public's eye: "These are 'The Monday Flowers.' At least, that is what the oncology floor that I work on has named them. Every single Monday for the past TWELVE YEARS [without] fail, a bouquet of flowers is delivered to the unit anonymously to be given to the patient on the floor who could use some cheering up the most," Cozzarelli writes, alongside a series of photos of several stunning floral arrangements.

According to Cozzarelli, her manager thinks that the flowers may be sent by a man who lost his wife to cancer in the very unit he now gifts flowers to as a gesture of his gratitude. "I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole story but I do know that I’m sincerely grateful for people like this kind, anonymous human. And every Monday I’m inspired to be kind to strangers every chance I get." Read the full post below.

This small act of kindness certainly has our wheels turning about what little gestures we can do in our own lives to brighten the days of those around us. Thank you for the heartfelt reminder, Mission Hospital.

What's your favorite way to lift the spirits of others?

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