A round of applause for HGTV's Junk Gypsies.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 29, 2018
Instagram @bobbybonesshow

Wanda the Wanderer. No, she's not a new Marvel superhero. Nor does that title grace the header of a new travel site with magical deals all over the globe. Wanda the Wanderer is actually country star Miranda Lambert's Airstream trailer.

After eight years in use with the singer, Wanda needed a bit of a facelift. That's where HGTV's Junk Gypsies stepped in to give Wanda a one-of-a-kind makeover. Featuring stylish additions like velvet curtains, plenty of fringe, and show-stopping lighting the amazing transformation turns the trailer into a groovy living room we'd never want to leave.

"It is incredible! I couldn't have even dreamed up how great it turned out," Lambert exclaims after seeing Wanda's upgrades. "It looks so much bigger, that was my first impression. Our whole band and crew just can't believe it."

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We don't know if you're as floored as we are, but we sure think this otherworldly Airstream trailer should now be crowned "Wanda the Wondrous."