"We have lost a very special friend."

By Meghan Overdeep
July 30, 2018
Heather Thompson

For the Thompson family from Nacogdoches, Texas, what began as a fun outing to Houston's Minute Maid Park to watch the Astros take on the Rangers ended with tears when they realized they'd lost one of their own along the way.

"We were in a hurry to get to the bathroom and so we got everything and left," mom Heather Thompson told KTRK. "Once we got where we were going, he goes, 'Where's Woody?' and we all just stopped."

Heather says her son 12-year-old son Austin, who has Down syndrome, lost his beloved Toy Story doll at some point during the game.

After a frantic search of the stadium, she turned to Facebook with a desperate plea for the toy's return. "We have lost a very special friend," the now-viral post begins. "If you know anyone that was there or anyone who works there, please help spread the word."

According to KTRK, staff at Minute Maid told her they searched the area and didn't find the doll. They also reported watching more than two hours of security footage, hoping to catch a glimpse of Woody, to no avail.

Heather told the station that she had to quickly buy another doll for Austin, but it's not the same.

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"He's had (Woody) for six or seven years. He has loved that little guy and takes him everywhere," she said. "He has been to so many places and has had his head and hands sewn back on."

The Thompsons were sitting in section 433. Heather is asking anyone who may have spotted the Woody doll to return him.