Mint Green Is Becoming One of the Hottest Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

It works like a neutral.

Your neighbor has a farmhouse sink so beautiful that it looks like it belong on an HGTV segment. Alton Brown has an entire wall of cast iron pans in his kitchen. That DIY blogger you follow on Instagram has a kitchen mural that looks like it belongs in the Picasso Museum.

What will you do this year to upgrade your home's cooking space? How about a fresh coat of mint green paint—or at least some mint green cabinetry or accessories? In a recent article, PureWow shared that the soothing shade is one you'll soon be seeing in kitchens everywhere. Sweeten, a general contractor matchmaker, told the outlet that they've seen an increase in people getting their kitchen cabinets painted in a pale green color in the mint family.

Shades of mint green
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We don't blame homeowners for making the request. The light shade has a calming effect and we love how it works as a neutral backdrop, much like a white, beige, or grey. If you're not ready to paint the entire kitchen or all of your cabinets mint green, we love how mint green additions—say cabinet fixtures or a tile backsplash—can instantly add a hint of zen to your home's culinary center. For something even more low maintenance, consider buying mint green hand towels or a mint green ceramic vase for your kitchen.

Before you go green on a large scale—we're talking panting your entire kitchen green or even a set of cabinets, be sure to test out a small swatch of your wall or cabinet with the paint color you've selected to see how you like it, and how it looks in natural daylight as well as under artificial lighting.

What do you think of the rising trend of mint green kitchens? Do you see a mint green kitchen in your future? Or is the only mint green you'll be seeing in the form of a herb pot on your window's ledge?

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