It's Official: Mini-Greenhouses Are Sweeping Backyards

Miniature greenhouses are officially the next big thing in greenhouses.

Mini Greenhouse Backyard
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We've had our eye on mini-greenhouses for a while now. We watched excitedly as their popularity grew over the course of the past year, and looked on, smiling, as more and more popped up in modest backyards across the country.

And now, like our friends at Apartment Therapy, we finally feel ready to call it: miniature backyard greenhouses are officially the next big thing.

Why do we love tiny greenhouses so much? Let us count the ways.

Much more affordable than their full-size counterparts, these smaller greenhouses save you money and ensure that you can tend your plants year-round. Owning a greenhouse also means you can start seeds earlier, and being able to control their temperature and humidity affords you the ability to grow plans that might not thrive naturally in your area, like orchids and citrus.

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They also come in all shapes, sizes and price points, and run the gambit from fuss-free and functional, to whimsical and ornamental.

In many ways, these cute, tiny greenhouses are a more practical version of the trendy "she shed" movement, and we're huge fans.

Looking to purchase your own miniature paradise? Scroll down for a few of our favorites:

Green Palram Hybrid 6'x8' Greenhouse; $700; Walmart

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Mini Greenhouse Trend Green Palram Hybrid Walmart

Oasis Hex 7'x8' Greenhouse; $1,158; Target

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Mini Greenhouse Trend Target Palram Hex

Mini Greenhouse Trend Target Palram Hex

Grandio Elite 8'x8' Greenhouse Kit; $1,699; Amazon

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Mini Greenhouse Trend Grandio Elite Amazon
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