Time to fill that pitcher!

By Michelle Darrisaw
June 22, 2017
Milo's Peach Tea
Credit: Milo's Tea Company/PR Newswire

Summer is officially here! As temperatures heat up, our go-to beverage of choice is something cool and refreshing, and nothing keeps the heat at bay better than a sweaty glass of sweet iced tea, with emphasis on the sweet. Just in time for rising temperatures and National Iced Tea Month, Alabama-based Milo's Tea Company just announced its latest fresh brew in a new size. And classic tea loyalists, you're in for a real treat with their Limited Edition Peach Tea.

No other beverage represents Southern culture like sweet tea. Being offered any icy glass of tea that's been brewed long and strong is practically a ritual and a warm, welcoming gesture below the Mason-Dixon. Dolly Parton's character Truvy put it best in Steel Magnolias when she referred to it asthe "house wine of the South."

But, when you throw Georgia's star staple—peaches—into the mix, it's like tasting summertime in the South, all infused in one tasty concoction. It's that all-too-familiar and refreshing combination of sweet and cold that we've come to expect and love from Milo's. Not only has Milo's mastered the formula of blending tea tea leaves with pure cane sugar, but they've also done it while avoiding added preservatives, artificial coloring, and acids.

And the family-owned and operated business continues its longstanding tradition this week, offering an exclusive peach recipe in a new half-gallon size. Not to be outshined, their award-winning Famous Sweet Tea is also available in a convenient half-gallon bottle that's perfectly portable to bring to summer barbecues, picnics, and church socials. But keep in mind, the peach tea is limited edition, so when it's sold out—well, you're out of luck. And trust us, you'll want to make a beeline soon for the refrigerated section at your nearest grocery store to sample this delicious recipe!

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Stock up on this soon-to-be favorite before it's too late, and you'll have something to sip on all summer long while swinging on the front porch.