Millennials, the often maligned generation of people born somewhere between 1980 and 2000, is often thought of as lazy when it comes to finding a full-time job. But, in reality, this set of 20 - 30 somethings not only has had a notoriously hard time finding work thanks to the job market but are also looking for something truly special in a workplace.

According to CNBC, who analyzed the new Workplace Culture report from Linkedin, Millennials ideally want to work for an organization that aligns with their core beliefs. And their willing to do anything to get it. In fact, a whopping 86 percent of Millennials in the survey said they'd be willing to take a pay cut if it meant working for a company whose beliefs coexist with their own.

"It's important for people to be able to bring their full selves to work," Nina McQueen, LinkedIn vice president of benefits and experience, told CNBC Make It. "As people's work and personal lives become more intertwined than ever before, there has been an increased expectation that the companies we work for have our shared values."

However, in an odd paradox, the Linkedin survey, which analyzed responses from 3,000 adult full-time workers in the U.S., found that once in a job Millennials are less likely to leave than their older Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts if their boss asks them to do something "morally questionable."

Still, Linkedin noted values reign supreme for all ages.

"Values define your company at its core, and are among the most important aspects for attracting and retaining great employees," the study's authors concluded. "Seventy-one percent of professionals say they would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that has a mission they believe in and shared values. Additionally, 39 percent of professionals would leave their current job if their employer were to ask them to do something they have an ethical or moral conflict with."

As for why people stay in their jobs, the survey found that workers love perks. As the study found, people of all ages are more willing to stay at their jobs for five years or more if they have access to paid time off, parental leave and health insurance. So now all you need to do is find a company with impeccable moral values, high pay and lots of paid time off. Shouldn't be too hard, right?