A new survey reveals these youngsters' must-haves in their home cooking quarters.
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Can you guess what the most important room in the house for millennial home buyers? Turns out it's a toss-up between the living room and the kitchen, at least according to the meal-kit wizards at HelloFresh and real estate company Redfin.

In a new survey commissioned by HelloFresh, the two teamed up to poll more than 1,000 millennials (ages 23 to 40) across the country to learn about the home buying preferences of this young demographic. Based on their findings, 35 percent of millennials who either own a home or are likely to purchase one in the next few years said that the kitchen is the most important room in a house, edged out slightly by the 37% who said the living room is the most important. 53% of people also said that a new house starts to feel like home when they cook their first meal there. Interestingly, Redfin data also revealed four new kitchen trends that — according to the survey press release — are "rapidly increasingly in popularity:" Breakfast bars, double ovens, outdoor kitchens, and wine fridges.

Here's what HelloFresh's Head Chef Claudia Sidoti and Los Angeles Redfin agent Simone Poingsett had to say about these emerging features.

Breakfast Bar

"Breakfast bars have become a staple of modern homes. They're typically an extension of a kitchen island with stools / high chairs to sit around and eat casually, versus sitting down formally at the kitchen table," notes Sidoti. "They are a great multi-purpose space for both prep and eating, as well as entertaining. For millennials who are hosting, it's a perfect place to set up snacks and apps and for guests to gather around." Speaking of which, these 60 party-perfect appetizer recipes aren't going to cook themselves.

Double Oven

"A double oven is exactly what it sounds like! Typically stacked vertically, it has two cavities, so you have extra space to cook multiple dishes at the same time. When considering hosting a major holiday like Thanksgiving where there's lots of coordinating of when to rotate many dishes through the oven, a double oven can be a huge bonus" explains Sidoti. "It gives you the extra space and time you need to cook the quantity of food you'd like to serve — for first time hosters, this can certainly help alleviate any stress!"

Outdoor Kitchen

"Outdoor kitchens help extend your living space beyond your four walls — and with summertime synonymous with grilling and al fresco dining, it's an ideal feature to have when you're hosting friends and family. Having the kitchen outdoors makes it much more convenient than running back and forth," says Sidoti. Poingsett, meanwhile, has some thoughts on the feature extending into the mainstream: "We see that millennial homebuyers love the entertaining extras when it comes to a new home. Luxury homebuyers today expect a double oven and outdoor kitchen area, particularly in a climate where you can entertain year-round. While these features are considered standard in luxury homes, they are becoming more popular in mid-priced homes as well, and can really set a home apart from others on the market."

Wine Fridge

"Over the past few years, I've been seeing a lot more kitchens with a dedicated beverage area, with a wine fridge below and an attractive place to display barware above," says Poingsett, adding that this setup is ideal for those who love entertaining guests.

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We don't know about you, but we'll gladly and take any and all of the above additions into our homes with open arms and rolling pins.