"I can only imagine how it feels to only know your child through a phone screen."

When her husband James' nine-month deployment in Afghanistan meant missing the birth of their second son Caspian, Mary Chevalier decided to do something extra special to celebrate his homecoming.

"During the laboring and birthing process of Caspian, I was surrounded by family, but that did not fill the void of not having my husband by my side," Mary told Inside Edition. "He was able to video chat during the labor and birth, but for both of us, it was not enough."

So, she hired a photographer to capture the emotional family reunion, and the moment James met six-month-old Caspian for the first time.

On the day James finally returned home to the Atlanta area in late September, Mary, Caspian, and their older son James Gage, 3, headed to Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth. Photographer Brittany Watson was ready with her camera.

"The biggest tearjerker is when my 3-year-old saw my husband again," Mary recalled. "[He] has been asking if his daddy would be home for his birthday from the moment he left for Afghanistan."

Watson also captured the touching moment James met Caspian, who was all smiles for his dad.

Baby Caspian Military Reunion Sign
Credit: Brittany Leigh Photography

"Caspian is natural, a very happy baby, but both James and I felt like Caspian knew who his father was almost immediately," Mary told Inside Edition. "He was easily comforted by my husband right off the bat and seemed to have an instant connection. It was very emotional."

Mary said it feels like her family is finally whole.

"I can only imagine how it feels to only know your child through a phone screen," she added.