Former first lady Laura Bush is among the Dallas leaders who've joined the movement to dim "unnecessary" lights in the city’s downtown.
Night Skyline - Dallas, Texas
Credit: Sportstock/Getty Images

Downtown Dallas is going dark in an effort to save the lives of millions of migrating birds.

The glittering skyline will be dimmed over the next 10 days as part of an international initiative called Lights Out Texas to protect birds as they migrate across the U.S., according to a release from Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Former first lady Laura Bush is among the Dallas leaders who've joined the growing movement to dim "unnecessary" lights in the city's downtown during periods of heavy migration. (Watch Mrs. Bush's PSA below.)

Sadly, an estimated 365 - 988 million birds die in collisions with buildings annually. Light attracts and disorients these migrating birds, confusing and exhausting them, and making them vulnerable to collisions with buildings. Turning off lights dramatically reduces these dangers, allowing birds to safely proceed with their migratory journeys, the majority of which are done at night.

The Lone Star State is an essential part of this lifesaving effort. According to Lights Out Texas, one in every three birds migrating through the U.S. passes through Texas, meaning approximately one billion birds travel through the state each year. Dallas is reportedly the third-most dangerous U.S. city for birds during spring and fall migration, after Houston and Chicago.

The fall migration period is expected to last through October 29. Downtown Dallas, Inc. is asking buildings to turn off or dim their lights from midnight to 6:00am between now and October 10th.