The spontaneous sprint was his pleasure

Chick-fil-A Employee Chases Customer
Credit: Facebook/Bryan Ware

Talk about service!

A Chick-fil-A employee from Midlothian, Virginia, is taking the Internet by storm for chasing after a customer who left the restaurant with an incomplete order.

Jared Wilson, 19, told WTVR that the spontaneous sprint was his pleasure.

"I knew I could probably catch [the customer], so I figured I might as well give it a shot," said Wilson, who quickly dashed out the door and managed to catch the customer as she drove away from the restaurant's Westchester Commons location.

The missing item was reportedly a chicken sandwich that a co-worker forgot to bag.

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Wilson, a recent high school graduate, said he has seen other co-workers run forgotten food to customers. Although these kind selfless acts are "expected" of Chick-fil-A employees, they are "by no means an everyday occurrence," he added.

But nobody expected that this high-speed chase would be filmed.

"I can't believe they caught me on camera!" he told WTVR.

The video, shared on Facebook by user Bryan Ware, has since gone viral. Commenters were quick to liken Wilson to Forrest Gump, with many calling him a "true American hero."

Wilson told WTVR that he finds the whole thing hilarious. He said he could "scroll through the comments (on the video) for hours and could not stop laughing."

As for his future plans, Wilson said he plans to join the Navy, where we have no doubt he'll succeed.

Well done, young man!