One little boy felt the magic at Disney World.

By Melissa Locker
June 21, 2017
Mickey Mouse
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

The Most Magical Place on Earth just got a little more magical for one little boy. Jay Rodgers was eating dinner with his parents, Bethany and John, at the Hollywood and Vine restaurant in Florida's Walt Disney World Resort, when he spotted Mickey making the rounds at the restaurant. The two-year old's joy turned to heartwarming bliss when Mickey signed "Mickey Mouse loves you" to him by tapping his head, crossing his arms over his chest, and pointing at the boy's heart. Jay is deaf and learning American Sign Language and probably wasn't expecting the Disney mascot to speak his language.

Rodgers mom, Bethany, caught the entire charming exchange on video and posted it to Facebook to share the magic. In the video, Mickey can be seen signing "Mickey Mouse loves you" and then asking Jay, "Are you eating?" by pointing at the boy, pretending to eat, and pointing at the plate of food. It was a truly heartwarming moment, made even more so by Rodgers' very obvious glee, as he waved his arms and bounced in his chair.

"This is why I love Disney!" Bethany Rodgers wrote in her Facebook post. "This seemingly small gesture is really so monumental for the little guy! The fact that Mickey Mouse went above and beyond like that when he didn't have to, makes this momma so beyond happy! This person deserves to be recognized for this amazing gesture!"

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Disney World's Mickey isn't the only mouse learning sign language. According to ABC News, Disneyland's Minnie Mouse thrilled a little boy by signing "It's nice to meet you" and "I love you" to the deaf toddler and earning a big hug for making him feel included and loved.