The "little shack on the prairie" was renovated by Chip and Jo in the season four finale.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 02, 2019

"If you are traveling to #Waco in the next few months we have decided to rent out our house for a limited time. (No we are not leaving Waco) We love it here! Come visit," Michael Matsumoto, former executive producer of HGTV's Fixer Upper, shared on his instagram back in November 2018, along with a series of photos of his fantastic property.

Since then, we've been dreaming of making the trip to Texas to his gorgeous four-bedroom, two-bathroom farmhouse which also features a huge yard, basketball court, and home gym. Currently listed on Airbnb here for around $350 a night, the "Matsumoto Farm" is located in Crawford, Texas, around 30 minutes outside of Waco.

On the instagram account @thematsumotofarm, you can see more pictures of the Chip-and-Jo-designed space, including the fantastic master bathroom, the bunk bed room, and open-concept kitchen.

It'll be a fight for that top bunk, y'all. Book soon.

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