Ye Olde Whataburger never looked better.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
December 13, 2018
Michael Esparza Texas Art
Credit: Michael Esparza

Love Texas? You show it in your adoration of H-E-B and all things Texas barbecue, so why not display your pride in the Lone Star State in a frame?

Just turn to artistic whiz Michael Esparza, who runs the Etsy shop Me, You & Art, devoted to dreamy prints of his oil paintings of Texas restaurants from Whataburger to Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. "I'm a born-and-raised Texas native, who when asked around the world where he was from always responded 'Texas' when the normal response would be the country you're from," Esparza explained to Southern Living of his home state pride. "I make art that's fits into the romanticized version of what every Texan sees as home when they move away," he adds.

Though Esparza mainly sells his work in and around San Antonio, he caught the attention of countless new customers when a senior staff writer at Jezebel recently tweeted about his art earlier this week.

2,127 retweets and counting later, his online shop has taken off, and he's even been profiled in Texas Monthly. Both the tweet and the article have helped catapult his shop from selling about one a month to moving dozens of prints hourly — and the momentum doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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Hungry for Whataburger on your walls? You can check out more of the Esparza's work on Instagram or on his Etsy shop, Me, You & Art, where prices run from $25 for a single print to $95 for the Texas Restaurant series, which includes all five of his paintings in the collection.