All praise Concourse E upgrades.
Miami Facial Recognition Technology
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Whether grabbing a connecting flight, embarking on a cruise, or enjoying a little fun in the sun on Miami Beach, many Southerners have spent time at Miami International Airport. Well, fellow travelers, we come bearing excellent news — and it has nothing to do with menu additions at Air Margaritaville in Terminal E.

Yesterday, Miami International Airport announced the opening of a renovated security facility for international arrivals in Concourse E with passport screening through facial recogniton technology.

As TravelPulse reported, it's the first such security facility in America "dedicated to providing expedited passport screening via facial recognition." The innovative tech helps speed up the security protocol and get more passengers on their way (since the pilot program launched in November, officials have been able to screen up to 10 passengers per minute).

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The device works by matching a traveler to the document they give to a security agent. Bonus: In addition to the facial recognition technology, more upgrades were made to concourse E to relieve crowding. Welcome to the future, MIA. Now, when can CLT and ATL expect this offering?