Look at this plant, isn't it neat?

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From orchids that look like monkeys to varieties of succulents that resemble leaping dolphins and cute little bunnies, we love a plant with extra personality.

The latest example of unique flora to catch our eye is the coral cactus, a fan-shaped plant that looks just like a mermaid tail… and we want it to be part of our world.

Also known as Euphorbia lactea Cristata, this “Franken-plant” combines two succulents to form one cactus-like, fan-shaped plant that looks more like it belongs under the sea than on a windowsill.

According to EpicGardening.com, coral cacti vary in appearance, and may have a fan of white, red, green, yellow, or purple ruffled succulent growth on top of what looks like a tall, green “stem.”

Fortunately, it’s easy to get your hands on these stunning plants. You can find them at Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes.

Keep in mind that this “cactus” isn’t actually a cactus and should be cared for like a succulent. They require well-draining soil and full to medium sunlight.

We can't wait to add one of these magical plants to our collection!