Marilyn, a mama of six, was well-known for her sweet nature.

By Meghan Overdeep
October 31, 2019
Marilyn Giraffe
Credit: Facebook/Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo is mourning the loss of their oldest giraffe Marilyn. The beloved matriarch was nearly 26.

Marilyn arrived at Memphis Zoo in 2002 and gave birth to six calves, according to a Facebook post from the zoo. Two of her calves (Akili and Wendy) went on to have calves themselves.

"Marilyn was a favorite on the feeding deck and was well-known for her sweet nature," the zoo wrote alongside a photo of the popular giraffe. "Her strong maternal instincts and experience made her a regular ‘auntie' and ‘midwife' for other calves and new mothers in the herd."

"We are grateful to have had her here at Memphis Zoo," the post concludes.

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In the hours that followed yesterday's Facebook announcement of Marilyn's passing, people flooded the post with comments, sharing photos and stories from visits with the late giraffe over the years.

Rest in peace, sweet Marilyn. You will certainly be missed by all.