We regret to inform you that there were no chips, French fries, or sandwiches in sight.


Listen, we love mayonnaise just as much as the next Southerner. Eating it with a spoon, however, is where we draw the line.

Today, thanks to a minor league baseball fan in Tennessee, we're among the thousands reevaluating how much they really love the creamy condiment.

Cameras caught the now-infamous mystery man digging into an oversize jar of mayonnaise during a Memphis Redbirds game over the weekend. Shock and awe quickly devolved into horror as the cameras kept returning to the young man, who was spotted moving throughout the stands as the Redbirds took on the Las Vegas Aviators, as he continued to scoop from a tub of mayonnaise.

The Redbirds shared the peculiar footage of the man enjoying his snack throughout the game on Twitter. They reported that he was still chowing down in the fifth inning—91 minutes after he was first seen shoveling mayo.

Nearly 30 minutes later, the team returned to Twitter to reveal that the mystery mayo-lover, was still at it.

"We. Can't. Even," they captioned the last clip of the man casually enjoying his jug of mayo.

We can't even either.

Let's just say that our thoughts are with this rogue mayo man's digestive system. Or, better yet, that he managed to fool us all with a jug of yogurt. Either way, he certainly got our attention!