This North Carolina Diving Location is a Hot Spot for Prehistoric Megalodon Shark Teeth

Recreate your own Shark Week off the coast of Wilmington!

Megalodon Tooth
Photo: Facebook/Wrightsville Beach Diving

Every week is Shark Week off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina.

One location, situated between 26 to 40 miles off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, is known as a hot spot for a particularly unique find: giant prehistoric Megalodon teeth.

"It's really rare," marine biologist and owner of WB Diving, Chris Slog, told WTVD.

"In North Carolina, we're really lucky, and specifically Wilmington, North Carolina, it's one of a few places in the world where you can find the Megalodon teeth in those numbers," Slog explained. "The teeth have been found all over the world, but not in the concentrations we're finding here."

Slog and his team bring divers to the spot known as Megalodon Tooth Ledges where there are rich deposits of teeth from these giant sharks that went extinct millions of years ago.

With depths of more than 100 feet and strong currents, Slog told WTVD that these dives are advanced—making the finds even more exciting. Teeth measuring more than six inches can be worth thousands of dollars.

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"It's just that search like looking for gold," Slog noted.

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