Hospital Plans Wedding for Couple of 23 Years After Cancer Prevents Long-Awaited Vows

"I would be a fool to let her go. She's the best thing that happened to me."

Medical City Arlington Wedding
Photo: Facebook/Medical City Arlington

After 23 years together, Blair Young and Pamela Tripps planned to finally get married at a chapel in Grand Prairie, Texas, on May 17.

But after all that waiting, complications of stage 4 colon cancer landed Young in the hospital, making the couple's church wedding impossible.

When the nursing team at Medical City Arlington learned of the situation, they offered to throw the couple a hospital wedding—flowers and a cake included. The bedside ceremony was officiated by hospital chaplain Myron Jones. Family and friends crammed into the hospital room to witness the long-awaited union.

"Kudos to us. I would be a fool to let her go. She's the best thing that happened to me," Young said in an emotional video (below) shared on the hospital's Facebook page. "Living life without her is like living life without myself."

Holding her bouquet, his bride held back tears. "It feels good. We've been waiting for a long time," Tripps said. "He's kind, sweet, lovable. I love him. I didn't think it was going to happen with him being in the hospital, but it did."

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Young ended the video with an inspiring message on relationships. "Never ever give up on love. Even if you think it's taking too long, just wait and it will come," he urged. "Friendship comes first, love comes second, and without friendship it's no love."

Congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds!

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