“It’s all about family.”

By Meghan Overdeep
September 21, 2020

Quincy Blount got the welcome most dads dream of when he returned home to McKinney, Texas, following 25 days battling the raging wildfires in California.

Cameras captured the emotional scene that unfolded between him and his seven-year-old daughter Adley when he arrived in the family driveway this week.

In a video (below) shared by the McKinney Fire Department on Facebook, an excited little Adley can be seen running out to great her tired dad and clinging to him tightly.  

“A happy homecoming for one of the McKinney firefighters returning from California!” the fire department captioned the sweet moment. “It’s all about family.”

Quincy was among the first 44 firefighters sent out to California last month, ABC13 reports.

Though he acknowledges that his job is dangerous, he said he keeps doing it because of the same golden rule he's taught Adley.

"If I were the one who needed the help, I'd want somebody coming to help us, too," he explained to ABC13.

There is a chance that Quincy could be called back to California next month. It helps knowing that there will be another hug waiting for him when he returns.

Thank you for your service, Quincy!