"She has him wrapped around her finger."
McKinly Lester Dance
Credit: Facebook/JeremynChelsey Lester

There's only one person who can get 55-year-old Jeff Harville to dance in public, and that's his granddaughter, McKinly Lester.

Burley and bearded, Harville's Facebook page paints a picture of someone who loves motorcycles and football—he's the last person you'd expect to pick up a pair of pom-poms.

But when five-year-old McKinley needed a little extra support performing the "Chicken Dance" in front of a crowd at Gap Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, last month, Harville sprang into action.

McKinly's mom Chelsey told 10News that her daughter became nervous before appearing in front of an audience of 200. "Mommy, I want Papaw to dance with me!" she whispered to her mom.

So that's just what he did. Harville picked up a pair of pom-poms and got to dancing.

Chelsey's Faceboook video (below) of the adorable pair twisting and cheering quickly went viral—something Harville finds quite amusing.

"He thinks it's hilarious, he can't believe it's gone this far," Chelsey told Good Morning America. "If you know my dad he would never do anything like this. He is a big guy who's a teddy bear inside."

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"She has him wrapped around her finger," Chelsey added.

Nothing wrong with that! Keep on dancing, Jeff.