You'll find this one of a kind spot under the oh-so-hot golden sun.

McDonald's Turquoise Arches
Credit: Ted Soqui/Getty Images

Just like it's hard to imagine Waffle House signage in anything but yellow-and-black or Chick-fil-A posts in any hues but red-and-white, what would McDonald's be without its golden arches?

Well, in Sedona, Arizona, the burger giant drops its signature bright yellow arches for a subdued turquoise shade. Here's why: "The city of Sedona, located in the center of Arizona, is famous for its stunning natural beauty—namely, its mountainous landscape of red rock," according to Reader's Digest writer, Meghan Jones. She continued to explain that due to a desire to preserve the scenery, building codes mandate that commercial and residential development's don't impede with nature's beauty. "When the McDonald's was built there in 1993, city officials believed that a bright yellow M would do just that [i.e., disturb the view]. They claimed that gold would clash with the surrounding red rocks, and opted for a more pleasing, soft blue."

Of course, '90s city officials couldn't predict that these teal arches would become a bit of a pilgrimage site for photo opps, especially so people could share pictures of the unique arches on social media platforms like Instagram.

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Indeed, we're curious to visit this McDonald's outpost for ourselves. We might skip the snapshot, but we'd certainly ask employees if they have a turquoise McFlurry to honor the venue's quirk.