That's what we call holding the mayo!

By Meghan Overdeep
August 28, 2018
Mayo Florida Miracle Whip Water Tower
Credit: Jay Blanton, The Georgia Photography Fanatic

The tiny town of Mayo, Florida, recently took a page out of IHOP's name-changing playbook.

On Saturday morning, the 1,200 people of Mayo were shocked to find out that they now lived in Miracle Whip—a much tangier, and dare we say, sacreligious, place to live.

"We aren't going to be boring Mayo anymore. We are going to be Miracle Whip!" mayor Ann Murphy exclaimed in an interview with the Associated Press. "I definitely think this will put us on the map."

It was all a joke, of course, and Murphy was in on it.

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According to the AP, the name change started as a "secret, tongue-in-cheek marketing proposal" for the brand name mayonnaise-alternative. It only lasted two days before town officials let residents in on the joke, but not before they changed street signs, and even the name on the water tower to Miracle Whip.

In return for the stunt, Kraft Foods reportedly bestowed between $15,000 and $25,000 on Mayo, which will be used for city beautification measures.

Mayo, the county seat of Lafayette County, is named after confederate colonel James Mayo—not mayonoaise.