Angelou lived in the 129-year-old house until she was three years old.

Maya Angelou
Credit: Scott Eells/Getty Images

The childhood home of late poet and author Maya Angelou is up for sale in St. Louis, Missouri.

The charming 1,100-square-foot brick home at 3130 Hickory St. is where Angelou lived for the first three years of her life. Listed for $159,000, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home was built in 1888. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that it's one of the few original homes left on the block in the city's historic Gate District.

According to the Associated Press, the home belonged to Angelou's maternal grandparents when she was born in 1928. The I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings poet and her older brother lived there until the end of their parents' marriage. Angelou and her brother Bailey were sent to live with their paternal grandmother in Arkansas.

The house, which has undergone extensive internal renovations, became a local landmark after Angelou's death in 2014. This distinction means the owner cannot legally alter the building's exterior, in order to preserve its historic character. Not that anyone would want to, the unique Queen Anne Victorian is already as beautiful as can be.

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