Mattress Mack Turns Stores Into Warming Centers for Houston Residents Without Power Amid Deadly Winter Storm

“The Catholic church I went to taught me that to whom much is given, much is expected.”

In hard times, the people of Houston, Texas, can always count on Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale.

The famously philanthropic businessman who first made headlines for turning two of his furniture stores into makeshift shelters during Hurricane Harvey, has sprung into action yet again, this time amid the historic winter storm gripping the Lone Star state.

McIngvale is currently using two of his Gallery Furniture stores as warming centers for hundreds of his neighbors without power due to the deadly cold snap.

"We're in a bad situation down here with this winter ice and freezing weather and millions of Texans without power," McIngvale told CNN Wednesday morning. "We have these mega, hundred-thousand-square-foot furniture stores full of sofas, full of mattresses, full of recliners, and both of them have restaurants and those sort of things—all the human amenities you need."

"We're here for the community," he added. "We believe that we all have responsibility for the wellbeing of the community. When times get tough, we try to open our doors to let Houstonians come in and regroup."

The 70-year-old Mississippi native who recently organized a food drive for seniors and out-of-school kids impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, explained to CNN that his drive to give back is inspired by his parents' example as well as his deep faith.

"My parents taught me that the essence of living is giving. The Catholic church I went to taught me that to whom much is given much is expected," McIngvale said.

"It's not our privilege to do this, it's not our right to do this, it's our obligation," he continued. "This is what we were put on the Earth to do: help other people. When situations come up it's time for us to spring into action and help people get a better view of the day because some of their lives right now are very dark."

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