The Houston icon's do-gooding didn't stop with Hurricane Harvey.
Mattress Mack
Credit: Facebook/Jim Mcingvale

Houstonians know that Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale is so much more than a furniture salesman.

You might remember that Mattress Mack, the owner and unofficial mascot of Gallery Furniture, stepped up big time for his community in the wake up Hurricane Harvey. But that's hardly where this icon's do-gooding ends.

According to KHOU11, Mack recently helped a Houston police officer who was injured on the job. Three months ago, officer Chayne Brothers was conducting a routine traffic stop when his squad car was struck by a suspected drunk driver. Brothers was lucky to escape the accident alive, but he needed surgery to repair both of his wrists, which were broken in the crash. Doctors told him he would need to keep his arms elevated while they healed.

"I couldn't move my arms like this because, at the time, I was in casts and braces, so I was sleeping maybe an hour at a time," Brothers told KHOU11. "I wasn't sleeping, I was in a lot of pain, my family members were having to come over to help me do everything."

When Mattress Mack heard of his plight he rushed in to assist like only he could: with furniture, of course.

"I was probably just up there trying to sell furniture when I heard their story and we gave them one of these lift recliners," Mack told the station. "I'm a huge supporter of HPD and all men in blue and supporter of the fire department, so whatever we can do to help people protecting all of us, we're glad to do it."

Mack gave Brothers a fully-powered electric recliner worth upwards of one thousand dollars, KHOU11 reports. And it was on the house.

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The recliner has made all the difference in his recovery, said Brothers, making it easier to keep his arms elevated.

Chayne Brothers Mattress Mack Chair
Credit: Chayne Brothers

"I started getting rest at night and in the day, and plus it saved us a little bit of money and hard time, and it really did help out me and my family a lot," he said.

Well done, Mack!