Mattress Mack has stepped up once again, this time making sure the holidays are merry and bright for his fellow Texans.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
November 13, 2017
Jim McIngvale/Facebook

This year the South suffered greatly at the hand of Mother Nature, taking the brunt of not one, not two, but three devastating hurricanes. The first of these destructive storms, Hurricane Harvey, caused unimaginable damage for much of the great state of Texas. In particular, Houston suffered what experts referred to as flooding of "biblical proportions."

The images that then flooded our television screens were terrifying and tragic. But, as with most sad stories, after tragedy, the every day heroes emerge. That is exactly what happened in Houston. As Southerners do, neighbors were helping neighbors. They were rescuing those in need by boat, and filling the bellies of the hungry masses, all out of the kindness of their hearts.

And then there was the story of "Mattress Mack." Jim McIngvale is his real name but ask anyone in Houston and they will all tell you that "Mattress Mack" has been a hometown hero for a very long time.

Like the rest of us, McIngvale was watching the waters rise on television and he knew he had to do something to help his fellow Houstonians. Something of a local celebrity, he's owned Gallery Furniture for the past 36 years. Using his fortune and platform for good, McIngvale announced on social media that he would open two of his furniture store locations as emergency shelters for those in need of a place to rest.

Several months after the storm, many are still suffering. Rebuilding is going to take some time and McIngvale knows this. He's also committed to helping for the long haul. He even chartered a plane to take first responders from the storm out to LA to watch their Houston Astros play Game Six of the World Series.

Today, on Good Morning America, McIngvale announced that he will be hosting a Gather and Give Thanks Thanksgiving Meal at one of his stores for "anyone and everyone."

"We want to get together as a community and be grateful that we've gotten through this storm together," he told ABC News.

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He spoke to ABC's Michael Strahan about this special holiday event and boasted "We're gonna have about 2500 pounds of turkey, another 2500 pounds of ham, enough to feed the New York Giants football team," McIngvale joked with the Houston native NFL star turned news anchor.

McIngvale then spoke to Strahan about the mental struggles people are still suffering in Houston after losing their homes and how he hopes that this community meal will help boost spirits going into the holidays.

"I think if we can get people together around a meal it's a great way to build relationships, and that's what we're trying to do, build relationships and move forward as a community," he said.

Check out the full announcement above. McIngvale also said that he thinks we all "get more by giving," and we couldn't agree more.