Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey Launch Project to Thank Those Helping Their Community Amid Pandemic

These everyday heroes deserve so much credit.

Matthew McConaughey, isn't just an Oscar-winning actor and Texas ambassador extraordinaire, he's got one of the biggest hearts around. Since 2008, he's run the Just Keep Livin' Foundation with his wife Camila Alves, helping thousands of at-risk teens excel in school.

"We end up getting really exceptional kids—some who were already doing okay but then really excelled, others who were on the wrong path and do complete turnarounds," McConaughey told Town & Country of the program's participants. "They'll become valedictorian, get a scholarship, graduate, and land a great job," he said. As McConaughey put it in his interview with T&C's Andrew Goldman, "Being able to give back in ways is a selfish endeavor. It feels good to me to see a smile or hear a young person say thank you. That's called a selfless act? I call it a selfish act."

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Well, in that case, amidst the coronavirus pandemic in recent months, McConaughey has been pretty darn selfish, doing everything from hosting virtual bingo for Texas senior homes to donating 80,000 masks to frontline heroes with Camila.

This holiday season, Matthew McConaughey is stepping up to the plate again, this time to show hometown heroes how much we value their contributions during these dark times. In his role as creative director for bourbon company Wild Turkey, McConaughey will work on the company's "With Thanks" initiative through which "[the project can] shine a light on somebody who's giving back to their own communities that's not looking for a spotlight, we're calling them the local legends and that's who we're saying thank you to," he shares with Hoda Kotb in a recent TODAY show segment focusing on his new memoir.

It's easy to think of all we're missing out on this holiday season, but as this philanthropic project show us, the tough chapters in life are also an excellent opportunity to pay close attention to the good in the world. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. McConaughey.

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