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Matthew McConaughey Sleep App
Credit: VALERIE MACON/Getty Images

Anybody who's ever dreamt of falling asleep to the sound of Matthew McConaughey's voice (*raises hand*) will be thrilled to learn that the Texan has lent his swoon-worthy drawl to Calm, an app promoting meditation, mindfulness and restful sleep.

Variety reports that McConaughey contributed a "sleep story" to the app, in which—to the delight of eardrums across the world—the Oscar-winner reads a story written by Chris Advansun called "Wonder." The whole delightful experience reportedly includes two minutes of prologue, including introspective questions like: "How often do we ponder the depth of the present moment?" before he gets into the enchanting tale.

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McConaughey's contribution is just the latest addition to the popular sleep app, which now offers more than 100 stories aimed at helping you drift off to sleep peacefully. Calm's library includes fairytales, music and even some recordings of public television star Bob Ross.

Calm is available for both iOS and Android. Although some content is free, users who want to unlock the app's entire library will have to pay 12.99 per month after a 7-day free trial. Get a little taste of McConaughey's story here.