Matthew McConaughey Made His Television Debut in the Original 'Unsolved Mysteries' Series

We consider ourselves McConaughey superfans, but even we didn't know this.

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Even though we can still hear the rich, captivating timbre of Robert Stack narrating 1980s and 1990s hit series Unsolved Mysteries, Netflix has just released a reboot of the beloved documentary show. And while you can now watch all six episodes in volume one on Netflix, the revival of the series has inspired us to take a moment to look back to the original.

As we looked up some trivia on the spooky mystery series, we were intrigued by a piece we saw from news outlet Ydraft titled "Unsolved Mysteries: Did You Know Matthew McConaughey Had Appeared In The Original?"

After doing some more digging, we found on IMDb that McConaughey did, in fact, appear in the original series, making his TV debut in an episode of the show in 1992. On entertainment news website Decider, we learned more about the now Academy Award-winning actor's appearance on the show, and that his cameo involved playing a dad and ex-marine who was tragically murdered while mowing his mother's lawn.

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Before you head on over to Netflix to check out the new season, channel your '90s TV nostalgia and stream the original series on Hulu here.

And to cheer up from all that darkness, may we recommend the recent series that McConaughey debuted on social media, dubbed "McConaughey Takes," where he gives fans the inside scoop on some of the most famous movies in which he's starred? And if you're looking for more McConaughey tidbits, read our story about Guy Fieri's and Matthew McConaughey's friendship.

Share with us: What's your all-time favorite McConaughey movie? Or if picking one is too hard, what are two or three of your favorites? We're having a hard time narrowing it down. These days, it's safe to say we're all about lighthearted titles, so How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, here we come.

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