Watch Matthew McConaughey's Special Message for Longhorn Nation: "We Are Going to Get Through This"

University of Texas' Minister of Culture chimes in with some words of inspiration and a reminder to be responsible for your health and others and stay home.

Texas Tech v Texas Matthew McConaughey
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When the going gets tough for University of Texas students, the Texas Longhorns turn to their Minister of Culture, Matthew McConaughey.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the actor and Texas native has done much for his fans spending their time at home. He's launched a new series, "McConaughey Takes" on social media to give people behind-the-scenes intel on his most beloved movies. He's hosted virtual bingo for a senior home in Round Rock, Texas. He's even created a contest to attend a UT football game with the star and his friends and family, with all donations from the sweepstakes going to coronavirus relief efforts. (Check out our video below.)

WATCH: You Can Win a Texas Football Game Experience with Matthew McConaughey

Now, the Texas Longhorns superfan took to social media on behalf of the University to Texas to share an uplifting message with students and the larger UT community. "Longhorn Nation, what's happening? McConaughey here. How we doing out there gang? Yeah, man, crazy times, huh? We're all in 'em. Let's remember that. Let's also remember that this too shall pass, we're going to be getting through this. Keep that in your minds when you start getting frustrated with how your lifestyle has changed. We are going to get through this, if we help ourselves and we help each other," he begins, donning an orange UT shirt. "To all the students out there, as I said to you before, look, I understand that a lot more responsibility has been thrown on your doorstep a lot sooner than you bargained for. You've been asked to grow up quicker in these COVID-19 times than you ever bargained for. But at the same time, it's a fact, it's here. So we need you to be as responsible for yourselves and each other as possible," he concludes his pep talk.

Watch the full video below.

Thanks for reminding us to always keep our horns and spirits up, Mr. McConaughey. Even the Aggies among us can get behind your sentiment. Whether you whoop or hook 'em, we're all looking forward to cheering our teams on at the field once again.

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