Matthew McConaughey Had the Best Reaction to the Texas Longhorns Losing to the Oklahoma Sooners

The Longhorns lost to the Sooners in a tight match after the fourth overtime.

Texas Tech v Texas Matthew McConagughey
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Matthew McConaughey loves Texas. And the actor really loves his Texas Longhorns. A 1993 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, he's long supported the team and has been shouting "hook 'em" loud and clear for decades.

In fact, such a superfan is McConaughey that for the Saturday, October 3 home matchup against Texas Christian University, a section of the University of Texas football stadium was filled with life-size cutouts of the star. Unfortunately, despite these spirited decorations, the Longhorns lost 31-33.

This past weekend, on October 10th, the Longhorns lost yet again, this time across state lines against the Oklahoma Sooners from the University of Oklahoma with a final score of 53-45 after a whopping four overtime segments.

Never one to hold back his emotions, on-screen and off, McConaughey took to Twitter to offer some encouraging words to fellow fans after the game Saturday afternoon: "On the L side of Awesome. Longhorn Nation keep head and heart high. Belief Will Lead," the actor wrote, alongside the hashtag of the team's chant and beloved costumed mascot, "hookem."

McConaughey's remarks sparked quite the heated discussion from his followers with comments ranging from "A great game with a Comeback for the Horns. No shame," and
"It's [too] bad my favorite actor is a Texas fan. Oh well still love him Roll Tide" to "Always believe in our UT Longhorns! Keep on, keepin’ on! Hook’em!" and "So [you're] not alright alright alright." One friendly Oklahoma fan even chimed in with "Boomer Sooner but great game props to Texas," which is a far nicer sentiment than we sometimes feel when our team wins a close game.

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Better luck next game to your favorite team, Mr.McConaughey. And here's to hoping we can all safely get back to our favorite stadiums soon—even if we are enjoying your cutouts at the University of Texas stadium in the meantime.

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