"I say it's high time we catch this killer. We've got more livin' to do."

By Meghan Overdeep
April 14, 2020

If anybody can make DIY-ing a face mask cool, it’s Matthew McConaughey.

With help from his alter ego, coronavirus bounty hunter Bobby Bandito, the Texas-born actor showed how fans can make their own face masks, because, as he explained in the now-viral video (below), "I say it’s high time we catch this killer. We've got more livin’ to do."

McConaughey then provides a quick tutorial on how to make a simple yet effective face mask using a bandana, a coffee filter, and two rubber bands.

As the Austin native demonstrates while reciting a catchy poem, fold the coffee filter inside the bandana, then thread the ends through the rubber bands and stretch it behind your ears.

“Stay at home but if you gotta go, strap it on like so,” McConaughey, advises.

Whether hosting a virtual bingo game for area seniors, or donating masks to frontline heroes, McConaughey and his signature bravado have provided a much-needed dose of levity and hope during the coronavirus pandemic.

So, let’s see those Bobby Bandito masks, y’all!