Dreams come true, y'all!

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich
Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Spread between two soft pieces of white bread and packaged in a green plastic bag, Augusta National's famous pimento cheese sandwich is almost as legendary as the golf tournament that birthed it.

For generations, golf fans have been making the annual pilgrimage to Augusta, Georgia, for two reasons: to watch the Masters Tournament and to chow down on the $1.50 delicacy.

The club's secret pimento cheese recipe is so beloved that some people freeze it to last the year. But those days are over. Ted's Famous Pimento Cheese is available nationwide for the first time, via Goldbelly. No Masters ticket required.

That's right. The coveted cheese spread is currently available to purchase year-round. Choose from three sizes: a two-pound pack ($59), four-pound pack ($79), and six-pound pack ($99).

Goldbelly Pimento Cheese
Credit: Goldbelly

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You can eat it however you like (we won't judge if you choose to use a spoon) though we recommend spreading it in between two slices of soft white bread. Enjoy!