Southerners could have told you months ago canning would be the next big thing.
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Jars of peach jam on table
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As the days of hunkering down continue, many of us have cycled through quite the repertoire of quarantine culinary hits. First, there was baking bread. Endless loaves of bread. Banana bread, sourdough bread, olive bread, you name it. Then, we progressed to cookies by the (hundred) dozens. Christmas cookies in July? You betcha.

Now, it appears the nation has taken to the centuries-old art of canning with newly found enthusiasm. So much gusto, in fact, that its led to a nationwide shortage in Mason jars and lids, as a recent CNN article reported. Of course, our revitalized obsession with canning isn't surprising as being able to store and preserve food on our own is increasingly appealing as our grocery store habits and budgets may have changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

"There's so many more people canning this year than have ever canned. We have seen a big upswing in new people trying to can," Nellie Oehler, the coordinator for Oregon's statewide food preservation hotline, told Melissa Gray in the CNN piece, noting she's experienced an uptick in calls from around the country inquiring about the lack of Mason jar availability.

Marie Bregg, the owner of E-Commerce site Mason Jar Merchant, also told the news outlet that her sales spiked 600% in mid-August and have continued to remain that high since then. Suffice to say, if you're planning on pickling or preserving food, you might want to scout out a few jars for your needs pronto. Hint: Walmart still has pint jar sets in stock.

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Whether you're hoping to make preserves or pickles, we love how versatile Mason jars are for the home chef—we don't, however, love not being able to gather with all of those near and dear to us around the table to feast on our creations. We sure are looking forward to brighter days and fuller tables ahead.