How did Poppins pull off the stunt?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 17, 2019

One scene from Mary Poppins Returns — featured in the film's widely-seen trailer — is making quite the splash.

We all know how difficult children can become at bath time. But of course, Mary Poppins isn't any ordinary child minder. So, as we get a glimpse of in the trailer, a Mary Poppins prepared bath has a splash of magic. Mary, fully clothed, falls back right into the bed of bubbles, and POOF! She's gone! But when the beloved nanny slides into the bathtub, how does she disappear into the abyss? While many may speculate the feat was accomplished with the help of computer-generated imagery, the visual was actually created in quite an old-school manner: A slide.

In a tweet from Disney fan account @CafeFantasia, which has since been retweeted 53,053 times and counting, fans can see that Poppins, played by Emily Blunt, actually shimmies down a slide when she seemingly evaporates into a sea of bubbles.

We're pretty amazed by this marvelous move. If you haven't seen the sequel to the 1964 original, the movie theater is calling your name, ladies and gentlemen.

You can watch the full Mary Poppins Returns trailer below. The bathtub act happens at the very end, but of course the whole trailer is worth seeing (ten times over, if you ask us).

As Poppins herself once quipped, "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." Enjoy the movie and don't forget your brolly.