Martina McBride Reveals the Secret to Her 32-Year Marriage: "I Married a Man Who Is a Great Partner"

As for John McBride's love advice? "I encourage all my friends to find a farm girl / rock star from Kansas and marry her."

There are so many things we admire about country singer Martina McBride. There's her incredible voice, of course. But we're also deeply moved by her Team Music Is Love global charity initiative to make the world a better place through music and other philanthropic efforts. It also goes without saying that we can't get enough of the cooking ace's delectable recipes, whether it's her chocolate cake or green beans with goat cheese.

Today, though, we're oohing and ahhing over another aspect of McBride's life: Her marriage to John McBride, to whom she's been wed to since 1988. John, a sound engineer, and Martina met through the music industry and share three daughters together. As country music website Country Now recently unearthed from a TODAY show article, Martina attributes her marriage's success to several reasons.

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"When people ask me the secret to staying married, the most obvious answer is that I chose well. Or got lucky, depending on how you look at it," Martina wrote in the TODAY piece. "I married a man who is a great partner. He is thoughtful, kind, considerate, romantic, handsome and really funny. We love each other's company, our personalities complement each other, and we respect each other. He thinks I'm smart and funny, and I think the same about him. We are a great team."

This May, John spoke with country music website The Boot to shed some insight in on what makes their marriage so strong and echoing Martina's sentiment, "It takes work, too. It's not all just a walk in the park. [But] we have a great relationship. She's my best friend. She's my partner...I encourage all my friends to find a farm girl / rock star from Kansas and marry her." Ha, if only!

In all seriousness though, the couple's marriage insights certainly do remind us that all good relationships take work—and that a little romance and humor thrown into the mix never hurts. Cue the encore of "Safe in the Arms of Love."

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