Anyone else have goosebumps?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 06, 2019
copyright Dan Reynolds Photograp/Getty Images

Ready to touch down in the land of the Delta Blues no matter where you are? Brace yourself for a spine-tickling performance from Miley Cyrus and Marc Cohn of Cohn's 1991 smash hit "Walking in Memphis."

"The only way my dad could really make me happy was taking me to go see the gates of Graceland," Cyrus says, introducing the song during her set at the Beale Street Music Festival this Saturday performed in partnership with Facebook's "More Together" campaign. "I'm sure everyone here knows how much I love Elvis. When we would take these long rides. I would listen to probably the song everyone listens to when they drive to Memphis, and that's 'Walking in Memphis,'" she continues, inviting Marc Cohn himself to join her on stage.

"Memphis! Well, I came to Memphis, Tennesee in 1990, or...maybe before that, looking for inspiration and I found it. I found it on Beale Street. I found it in Al Green's church. I found it at the Hollywood Cafe with Muriel Davis Wilkins...This song is really about the transformational power of music, I know that's why you're here, and that's why we're here. I've never sung this song as a duet before, let's try it," Cohn says composedly, perched in front of the piano. Watch the performance below.

If the above clip is about to send you into a spiral of "Walking in Memphis" video searches, here's another clip to whet your appetite, from Cyrus and Cohn's dress rehearsal.

Other headliners of the three-day music festival included Dave Matthews Band, The Killers, Cardi B, Khalid, G-Eazy, and OneRepublic.

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In case all of your Memphis friends aren't already talking about this performance on their social media feeds, be sure to send them this piece so they can watch the unique cover of this classic Bluff City tune. Does anyone else have goosebumps?