Now this is a testament to the power of community if we've ever seen one.
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Strangers gave a man the gift of a car to help him get to work
| Credit: GodfriedEdelman/Getty Images

Justin Korva used to walk three miles to work every day, but not anymore. Thanks to Rockwall, Texas resident Andy Mitchell, Korva now has his own set of wheels.

According to Fox 4 News, Mitchell set out to help Korva after giving him a ride to his job at Taco Casa. The 20-year-old told him he that was trying to better himself, and that he had been saving up to buy a car of his own. Struck by the young man's determination, Mitchell approached his friends about raising money to get him the car he so desperately needed. Together they set up a collection box at a local restaurant, and last week they finally had enough money to surprise Korva with a brand new car—a white Toyota Camry—a $500 gas card, two years of free oil changes and one year of car insurance.

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Mitchell's wife Mandi shared the incredible moment on Facebook Live, and Korva's reaction to their generosity was just too sweet.

"That's why I was saving for. To get a car," Korva told Fox 4. "It's just an instant blessing, an instant surprise."

Korva says he hopes to be able to pay it forward someday if he comes across someone in a similar situation.