Mili the Giraffe was the most adorable ring bearer ever.

Giraffe Proposal at Missouri Zoo
Credit: Dickerson Park Zoo, via Facebook

When Cody Hall got down on one knee to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Makayla Blakey, he received a little assistance from Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri, and one of their tallest, long-necked residents: Mili the Giraffe.

According to the zoo, the friendly animal served as the honorary ring bearer for the proposal. To get Mili ready for duty, officials at the zoo put Hall's engagement ring on a lanyard and hung it around the neck of the giraffe on Sunday, September 24, just before the couple was set to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo.

"Giraffes are her favorite animal," Hall told "I consider myself to be a romantic at heart and Makayla is so special to me. I really wanted to give her something that she'll never forget, and something we can tell our future family many years down the road."

As a zoo employee ushered Hall and Blakey to the reserved area where the giraffes are held, Blakey thought that they were only there to watch the spotted creatures and to, specifically, feed Mili.

"The process began by getting Mili the giraffe into a small enclosure that only exposed the top part of her head and to point at a big tennis ball on a stick with her nose, and every time she did it right we would feed her," Hall recalled.

But once the zookeeper gave Hall the signal that it was time to ask for Blakey's hand in marriage, Hall moved the tennis ball further away from Mili, forcing her to stretch her neck and expose the ring. That's when Blakey took notice of both the diamond ring and Hall on one knee, with Mili watching in the background.

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Beyond having her favorite animal in on this special proposal, the best part about this story is that Blakey, of course, said yes.